What Lens Are You Wearing?

It’s not cool! Why would they host a program on TV that promotes 16 year old out of wedlock teenage pregnancy? That’s a paraphrase of a lamentation which a friend of mine posted as her status message on facebook. She thinks it’s not cool, but those hosting the program don’t see anything wrong with it, sounds familiar? You complain about a certain new behavior manifesting among people which you think is wrong, you share your thoughts with someone, and they say, Yeah, it’s true, I don’t know what the world is turning into, and on the other hand they might say, I don’t see anything wrong with that. The simple reason behind the variance or divergence in views is because you are viewing the world with a different lens from theirs. Thus it becomes almost difficult to have a universally acceptable definition of morality. Because I may not ‘see’ anything wrong in what you see as immoral.

We all look but see differently, depending on what lens one is wearing. For example, a young man who grew up in a home where the refrigerator is stock with alcohol, and is free for all to drink, sees the intake of alcohol differently from a young man who grew up in a home where a fermented juice drink is disposed off in the sink. What’s the difference, one sees it as normal while the other detests it. One may influence the other to see as he sees as time goes by if they stay together long enough, but the initial reaction is non-alliance.

We all wear one lens or the other, with which we view the world, even if you think you are indifferent about everything that happens in the world, that’s also a kind of lens. But, on certain issues you may agree with some certain people with whom you may disagree on some other issues, for example, you may agree with someone that murder is wrong and disagree with the same individual on your views about sex and adultery; two people may agree that it is wrong to steal from another person, but they may disagree about whether it is right or wrong to steal from government purse. I see in those examples, inconsistency in the way we view life. Which means it is sometimes hard to put people in a box according to the kind of lens they wear, a very complex Ven diagram may try to accomplish this task.

Many have tried to do this in many ways, by saying things like “Anything that is legal is moral”, the Nazis, after the Second World War which saw the death of millions of Jews and other people groups, boldly said, we broke no law! They can’t be punished because they broke no law, some say as long as you don’t hurt another person by your action, you are doing no wrong, but evil they say, is never victimless and sometimes the perpetrator is the victim.

If we leave God out of the equation, nothing is wrong with the above views on morality, absolutely nothing, and the post-modern theory which says there is no absolute truth will be correct, because no human being is superior to the other, so you cannot force me to take a copy of your lens and view life through it, and this accounts for the chaos in the world today. Because if you think murder is wrong through your own lens and I don’t see anything wrong with it, I could kill your child and not feel any guilt; and don’t go saying everyone believes that murder is wrong, at least the evolutionists shouldn’t believe that, since life is a survival of the fittest. If a wife doesn’t see anything wrong in extra-marital affairs for the purpose of sexual satisfaction and the husband does, she does it without thinking that her marriage could be threatened while the husband thinks otherwise. So we are headed for chaos if everyman does what is right in his own eyes.

But if we have God, One who created the universe and put up laws to sustain the universe and its inhabitants, then there’s a problem with the divergence of views. When one views the world through the lens made by God who made the world, then there will be no need for confusion or inconsistency. Because He made the laws so that if they are followed faithfully, the universe will be in perfect harmony. And to an extent, most of God’s creation obey these laws which God put in place to sustain the universe; the sun rises in the east and sets in the west, and so we have day and night, light and darkness; what goes up comes down, because the law of gravity exists. Nature obeys the laws put in place by God; but at the apex of God’s creation is a moral being—man—whom God put in charge of his creation that all of God’s creation may live in peace and harmony, provided this moral being obeys God’s moral law. The sun does not have a choice of where it rises or sets, God ordered that already, but man can choose, he can chose to obey God’s laws or disobey them, and when he does this, God calls it sin.

I therefore recommend that the most appropriate lens with which one can view the world is the lens given by God himself—the Word of God. The Bible enables us to see the world as God sees it, seeing sin as God sees it and not how I feel about it, seeing myself as God sees me—a sinner in need of a savior, and not how the Psychologists tell me to see myself as one to be esteemed, seeing that my worth is determined by Jesus who decided that I’m worth His whole life and he gave it, and not by my degrees or my bank account or my family background, seeing adultery as a violation of God’s law and not as a means to satisfy my fleshly desires. It is the one lens that makes sense. Right there in the Word we find the golden rule: “Do to others as you would have them do to you.” (Luke 6:31). Kill others if you would have them kill you, love others if you would have them love you, help others if you would have them help you or your children and keep your covenant with God—obey His laws—If you would have him keep His covenant with you. And in doing this one must be consistent, if I agree with God on the way He sees murder, I must also agree with Him on how He sees theft or love or mutual respect and every issue which I have to decide on. When I choose to wear God’s lens, which in Christian nomenclature is called “Faith”, I must accept it with all its options. When one wants to buy a car from the manufacturer, you can choose to buy a full option car which comes with all its accessories while you can choose to remove some features like the cabin or the carrier or whatever is removable, so that you can get it for a cheaper price, but God’s lens has no other option but the full option, you cannot get a discount on God, that’s probably why many choose to live in rebellion against Him and have our way in life.

I don’t have to like it, but it only makes sense that the best advice to take if my car has a problem is that of the manufacturer, the mechanic may try his best if I don’t have access to the manufacturer, but he has to take the back seat if I can access the manufacturer. And I believe totally in God as the creator of the world, which makes him the manufacturer of everything in the world, thus it only makes sense that I borrow His lens and view the world through it. Not through the eyes of a scientist or a professor or a guru or a pastor or a father or my culture, every other thing falls in the category of the mechanic who takes the back seat, while I test whatever they say by what God says. I wear God’s lens which also serves as an error detector and look at what they have to say, to see where the error lies.


5 thoughts on “What Lens Are You Wearing?

  1. Godwins says:

    Big up! Well thought of.

  2. Orinya J.O says:

    It’s a nice one there; may the Lord Almighty see u through in his vein yard.(Amen)

  3. DR. TUNDE OJEWOLE says:

    Femi, I appreciate your blog! Let us met up for ministry opportunities. Keep it up!

  4. Abilomu Adewale T says:

    Big up bro, so proud ☀̤̣̈̇f ў☺ΰ, may God bless this ministry

  5. Patricia Onojaife says:

    Well done Femi i pray the Holy Spirit will continue to inspire you God bless.

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